Public Sector

BATTA Environmental Associates has been serving States, Cities and Municipalities with Environmental Services since our inception in 1982. We have a longstanding relationship with many state agencies, municipalities, townships, and public works. For years we have provided quality service to these, and many other state agencies. We routinely consult with clients such as the City of Philadelphia, City of Baltimore, State of Delaware, New Castle County Delaware, the City of Wilmington and the State of Maryland to name just a few.

Maryland Stadium Authority

Pre-Demolition Environmental Testing and Inspection Services

In 2016, the Maryland Stadium Authority selected a small pool of qualified firms to perform Pre-Demolition Environmental Consulting Services in residential properties across the City of Baltimore. Project C.O.R.E. is a joint City-State initiative focused on eliminating the blighting influence that abandoned, derelict and dilapidated properties are having in Baltimore City. Blight elimination is expected to enhance the quality of life in the City’s neighborhoods, promote safety, and revitalize the City by demolishing structures on the blighted properties and converting the remaining open parcels into gardens, parks, other green amenities, or redevelopment opportunities, or by stabilizing structures on the Blighted Properties to prevent further deterioration and to eliminate their overall blighting influence. The project aims to address the environmental concerns in each property before demolition in order to make way for new building throughout the City of Baltimore.

This project consists of multiple task order issued by MSA. Each task order contains multiple sites, with multiple properties per site. Each property included has unique environmental concerns and must be dealt with individually. The Scope of Work for these  properties include (but are not limited to) the following services:

a)       Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments and Pre-Demolition Hazardous Material Surveys, as well as detailed reports for each property. The reports were meant to:

  1. Identify and locate asbestos, lead and other hazardous regulated materials that may be present at the project site;
  2. Provide recommendations for disposal of asbestos, lead and other hazardous/regulated materials; and,
  3. Identify materials that could be targeted for deconstruction/salvage/recycling.

b)      Assistance in selection of Deconstruction and Demolition Contractor

c)       Daily field oversight and monitoring of abatement and remediation services

d)      Provide certification that the abatement and remediation services have been successfully completed and for providing a Notice-to-Proceed for deconstruction and demolition activities following certification of the abatement and remediation services

e)       Conduct environmental air monitoring / sampling during the demolition and debris removal

f)       Conduct geotechnical testing and inspection services

g)      Conduct water testing and inspection

h)      Provide Certified Industrial Hygienist for Project Oversight and Review of Certifications for all firms involved


BATTA Environmental Associates, Inc is pleased to have performed these services for the Maryland Stadium Authority. We are proud to assist in projects that will help to rebuild and revitalize diminished urban areas.


BATTA works as a sub-consultant for the Maryland State Highway Administration in which we provided a range of environmental investigations including Phase I and Phase II Property Site Assessments, environmental mitigation, property, groundwater quality assessment, air quality assessment for hazardous materials, engineering geologic assessments, vibration assessment and monitoring, geologic investigations, storage tank compliance, geo-hazard investigation and technical support in all phases of project delivery. Our team was chosen by the Maryland State Highway Administration to work on this project thanks to our extensive experience with the following services, which were required for the overall project:

  • Hazardous Materials site assessment of buildings/ properties
  • Develop special provisions and cost estimates for the removal and disposal of hazardous materials and/or contaminated material
  • Investigate worker safety issues
  • Conduct Environmental Site Assessments
  • Storage tank compliance
  • Investigate hydrogeologic conditions and provide mitigation recommendations
  • Investigate geologic hazards and provide mitigation recommendations
  • Perform constructability reviews of SHA projects designed by others
  • Provide technical expertise and support at construction projects
  • Sample collection
  • Geophysical surveys
  • Environmental laboratory testing
  • Preliminary design engineering
  • Preparation of contract documents
  • Technical construction supervision
City of Philadelphia- Department of Licenses and Inspections

Batta Environmental Associates, Inc. (BATTA) has been contracted with the City of Philadelphia, Department of Licenses and Inspections to conduct Pre-Demolition Asbestos Investigation Services for the City’s Neighborhood Transformation Initiative (NTI) and Curbside Projects. During the project, BATTA works under the direction of the City to provide Asbestos Investigative and Asbestos Project Inspector Services. For properties that are scheduled to be demolished and do not have an Asbestos Investigation Report (AIR), BATTA provides Asbestos Investigation Services. BATTA’s Asbestos Investigators (AI) conduct survey and sampling activities in homes throughout the City. BATTA investigates properties for suspect asbestos-containing materials and surveys properties to the fullest extent possible (depending on condition of the property). All bulk samples are then analyzed at BATTA’s in-house laboratory which is accredited and certified by the Philadelphia Department of Public Health, National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP), and American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA).

After completion of Investigative activities, BATTA prepares AIR reports indicating asbestos-containing materials, quantities, and locations. All reports are forwarded to the City for use in scheduling of abatement/demolition activities. For properties with asbestos materials, BATTA maintains onsite Asbestos Project Inspector (API) presence during the abatement process. The API enforces the Philadelphia ACR and collects air quality assurance samples. Analytical reports inclusive of activities and samples results are prepared and sent to L&I for review.