Environmental Investigations and Remediation

In recent years, increased government involvement in environmental issues has led to stricter regulations and the necessity for more comprehensive approaches to environmental issues. BATTA Environmental is the Mid Atlantic Region’s premier environmental consulting firm. Our experience with investigative and remediation procedures is unsurpassed due to our highly knowledgeable and qualified staff. BATTA’s field and laboratory staff work together to address the issues quickly and efficiently. Our Professional Engineers, Geologists and Industrial Hygienists have developed countless remediation and EHS plans.

  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessments
  • Phase II Intrusive Investigations
  • Remedial Investigations/Feasibility Studies
  • Phase III Remediation Project Management
  • Brownfield Property Investigations
  • NPDES Storm Water Sampling
  • Soil Vapor Containment Assessments
  • Hydrogeological Investigations
  • Hazardous Waste Site Characterization
  • Remedial Investigations/Feasibility Studies

HAZMAT Assessments and Remediation

The Purple Line is a planned 16-mile light rail line in Maryland that will extend from Bethesda in Montgomery County to New Carrollton in Prince George's County. It will provide a direct connection to the Metrorail Red, Green and Orange Lines; at Bethesda, Silver Spring, College Park, and New Carrollton. The Purple Line will also connect to MARC, Amtrak, and local bus services. The Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) is taking the lead on this project, with the support and close coordination of a team that includes the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, Montgomery and Prince George's counties, the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission, State Highway Administration, and local municipalities in the project area.

BATTA Environmental Associates is pleased to have been named the Environmental Consultant for HAZMAT Assessments and Remediation Services during the pre-construction portion of this project. Our Environmental team, which answers to the Purple Line Transit Constructors, is responsible for ensuring that all environmental concerns are dealt with properly at all sites within the 16 mile project area. The services that BATTA is responsible for performing and overseeing are as follows:

  1. HAZMAT Sampling, and Laboratory Analysis for Asbestos, Lead, Metals, Mold, Hydrocarbons, etc.
  2. Hydrocarbon Soil Testing
  3. Removal and On-Site Remediation of Contaminated Groundwater
  4. Removal and Off-Site Remediation of Asbestos Containing Material
  5. Removal and Off-Site Remediation of Lead-Based Paint
  6. Excavate and Off-Site Remediation of PCB Containing Material
  7. Excavataion and Off-Site Remediation of Radioactive Material
  8. Hazardous Building Material Assessment and Clearance Prior to Demolition


Pre-Demolition and  Pre- Construction Environmental work for this project began in early 2017. The overall project is expected to be completed by the end of year 2021, with the Purple Line opening for service in early 2022. BATTA Environmental Associates is proud to have been selected as the Environmental Consultant for this project. We take pride in the ability to assist in projects like this, that will benefit so many people. 

Pre-Demolition Environmental Testing and Inspection Services

In 2016, the Maryland Stadium Authority selected a small pool of qualified firms to perform Pre-Demolition Environmental Consulting Services in residential properties across the City of Baltimore. Project C.O.R.E. is a joint City-State initiative focused on eliminating the blighting influence that abandoned, derelict and dilapidated properties are having in Baltimore City. Blight elimination is expected to enhance the quality of life in the City’s neighborhoods, promote safety, and revitalize the City by demolishing structures on the blighted properties and converting the remaining open parcels into gardens, parks, other green amenities, or redevelopment opportunities, or by stabilizing structures on the Blighted Properties to prevent further deterioration and to eliminate their overall blighting influence. The project aims to address the environmental concerns in each property before demolition in order to make way for new building throughout the City of Baltimore.

This project consists of multiple task order issued by MSA. Each task order contains multiple sites, with multiple properties per site. Each property included has unique environmental concerns and must be dealt with individually. The Scope of Work for these  properties include (but are not limited to) the following services:

a)       Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments and Pre-Demolition Hazardous Material Surveys, as well as detailed reports for each property. The reports were meant to:

  1. Identify and locate asbestos, lead and other hazardous regulated materials that may be present at the project site;
  2. Provide recommendations for disposal of asbestos, lead and other hazardous/regulated materials; and,
  3. Identify materials that could be targeted for deconstruction/salvage/recycling.

b)      Assistance in selection of Deconstruction and Demolition Contractor

c)       Daily field oversight and monitoring of abatement and remediation services

d)      Provide certification that the abatement and remediation services have been successfully completed and for providing a Notice-to-Proceed for deconstruction and demolition activities following certification of the abatement and remediation services

e)       Conduct environmental air monitoring / sampling during the demolition and debris removal

f)       Conduct geotechnical testing and inspection services

g)      Conduct water testing and inspection

h)      Provide Certified Industrial Hygienist for Project Oversight and Review of Certifications for all firms involved


BATTA Environmental Associates, Inc is pleased to have performed these services for the Maryland Stadium Authority. We are proud to assist in projects that will help to rebuild and revitalize diminished urban areas.

BATTA Environmental Associates is fortunate to have the opportunity to work with school districts all over the north east. In particular, BATTA has been assisting the School District of Philadelphia for a number of years. Most recently, BATTA has entered a 3 year contract with this large school system to assist them with various consulting services.

The BATTA team takes pride in the work we do with the School District of Philadelphia. It is our highly experienced staff, and meticulous attention to detail that allow us to completely assess all possible environmental concerns that could potentially endanger the school students and staff. BATTA is striving to make the world a safer and healthier place, through projects like this.

  • Comprehensive underground storage tank management services including, but not limited to, all necessary activities required during underground storage tank installs and removals
  • Tank testing
  • Tank management program development and implementation
  • Subsurface soil and groundwater investigations and assessments
  • Design and implementation of remediation projects for soil and/or groundwater
  • Comprehensive geologic and environmental consulting services on an as requested basis.
  • Air Monitoring and Testing
  • Comprehensive soil management services on an as needed basis.
  • Full services asbestos, lead and indoor quality management services
  • Phase I Preliminary Assessment
  • Phase II Site Investigation
  • Geophysical Survey (GPR)
  • Brownfields Remedial Investigation
  • Human Health Based Risk Assessment
  • Remediation Engineering

The Lofts at Clifford Brown Walk is an adaptive reuse project that will bring high-end affordable housing to Brownfields site that was formerly used as an industrial tanning operation. BATTA has served as the Environmental Engineer of Record performing a wide range of Engineering, Remediation, and Health and Safety services. BATTA completed a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment in 2012 and a follow-up Phase II Environmental Site Assessment in early 2013. The Phase II also included a building-wide assessment of Asbestos-containing materials (ACM) and Lead-based Paint (LBP). As part of the Phase II, a Geophysical Survey (GPR) was conducted to mark out site utilities and to provide additional insight into presence of buried tanks or drums.

This location housed a warehouse that had previously been used as a storage facility for a tannery, and also an industrial lithograph printing operation for over 50 years. There were believed to be a great deal of hazardous chemicals still left over in the soil and groundwater from when the warehouse was still operational as well as unknown nature of large amounts of historical fill. A Brownfields Remediation Investigation was developed consistent with state regulations. A Proposed and Final Plan of Remedial Action were advertised along with Contaminated Materials Management Plan. After extensive investigation and planning, the remedial constuction phase was completed. Considering the proposed site usage to be residential, the planning, scope and implementation of the Investigation needed to be systematic, thorough, and exhaustive. Again, the BATTA team exceeded expectations which allowed for a seamless transition from a highly hazardous site to safe and functioning facility that will bring much-needed modern housing units to a growing urban area. The apartment building is now fully functional and ready to bring in occupants!